"I've been a principal dancer with The Martha Graham Dance Company for 20 years now. My everyday life is a schedule filled with hours of rigorous training, rehearsing and performing. As you can imagine my body takes quite a beating so I'm always looking for products and ways to unwind and undo the knots and sore muscles of the day. When I first tried the babyBelle bodybuffer, I was in the middle of the Graham Company's NY season dancing onstage every night and sometimes two performances a day. I brought it to the theater to use in between shows. I immediately loved it, and soon had many of the other dancers lined up to use it too. It was especially great on my lower back and quadriceps, massaging vigorously but not harshly. It is easy to use and my muscles felt great afterwards. The company leaves for tour today and it is definitely going in my suitcase!"

Katherine Crockett, Principal Dancer, The Martha Graham Dance Company

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